Our Story

Welcome to our lapa. Take a seat. We’ve come a long way to bring you the best offroad caravans in South Africa.  Our journey started with the dream to build the perfect offroad caravan. Like most things done well, that first project sparked an even bigger dream – To become South Africa’s best offroad caravan brand that inspires people to go out and experience the beauty of creation.

The Bush Lapa Story

In 2010 Jannie Oeschger realised there was a need for a high-quality, well-equipped offroad caravan for adventure-loving South Africans. Jannie, being a qualified mechanical engineer who loves the outdoors and camping, started to design his ideal offroad caravan.

Inspired by his love for his Creator and Redeemer, Jannie’s vision is to build offroad caravans that enable all our clients and their families to experience the beautiful nature that God has created for us.

Our Vision

Bush Lapa strives to be the leading manufacturer of high-quality and reliable offroad caravans.

our Mission

By constantly seeking to perfect and evolve our products, we want to put the best quality offroad caravans on the road that are easy to use and maintain. We see every person who owns a Bush Lapa as part of an extended family stretching around the world.

Humble beginnings

Starting off with the first unit being built in Worcester in 2010, a lot of travelling followed. The unit was tested in various extreme environments, including neighbouring countries Lesotho, Botswana and Namibia. After Jannie and his design team were satisfied that the unit was good enough to put on the market, they went ahead and started with production.

Knowing where we came from, Bush Lapa remains humble in its ambitions to become the leading manufacturer of high-quality and reliable offroad caravans. We want to help as many clients as possible “experience His beauty”.

Initially the product range consisted of five variations of caravans to suit the needs of camping parties of two to four people. A total of 24 units were manufactured in 2011, 60 units in 2012 and 140 units in 2013. The need for bigger production facilities became evident and Bush Lapa acquired a premises in Alkmaar Street, Paarl.

2014 was a busy year with the factory moving from Worcester to Paarl, manufacturing 165 units including several additions to the various options in the “Gogga” range and on top of that a new caravan was designed and tested. The Ratel came into production late in 2014 and is bigger in size than the ‘’Gogga’’ caravans, still giving clients flexibility by having the option of sleeping 3, 4, 5 or 6 people. A second premises, alongside the first, was also bought that year.

In 2015 the demand for Bush Lapa caravans in the northern part of South Africa caused Bush Lapa to set up a branch in Centurion, Pretoria and a 174 units were manufactured. 2016 saw 255 units roll out of the factory including the design, testing and manufacture of a new caravan model, The Baobab and a new prototype camper, The Bosluis. A third premises, on the opposite side of the road of the first two, was bought to house our growing production facility and the Bush Lapa factory and offices now covers more than 8000 m².

In the continuous strive to provide in the needs of customers and trying to meet the ever-growing demand our production for 2017 we built 350 units, 2018 we built 455 units. Looking forward to what 2019 has in store for us

Through the years Bush Lapa and its personnel succeeded in putting the needs of clients first and in doing so establishing a family of very proud Bush Lapa owners. Once a year a get-together is organised for both our southern and northern customers. While growing at such a healthy pace Bush Lapa was in a privileged position to retain the services of almost all its valuable personnel while adding to them more loyal and skilled people varying from engineers and financial people to general workers in the production lines.

Bush Lapa’s progress in South Africa did not go unnoticed and till now several units were exported to Sri Lanka, Canada, Australia, Botswana, Namibia, the Netherlands and the UK. At the moment there are more than 1700 units out on the road.